Python List copy()

Python list‘s copy() function method is used to create shallow copy of the list.


Here list1 is object of the list.


It returns shallow copy of the list. Changes to new list does not impact old list.


Let’s see a very simple example:

listOfCourses= ['Java','Python','C','C#'] listOfCoursesCopy=listOfCourses.copy() listOfCoursesCopy.append('PHP') print("listOfVehicles original list:",listOfCourses) print("listOfVehicles copied list:",listOfCoursesCopy)


listOfVehicles original list: [‘Java’, ‘Python’, ‘C’, ‘C#’]
listOfVehicles copied list: [‘Java’, ‘Python’, ‘C’, ‘C#’, ‘PHP’]

As you can see if we modify copied list, original list won’t be modified.

That’s all about Python List’s copy() method.

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