Python hello world

In this post, we will how to write your first python program.

Python is very simple and easy to learn the language.It helps programmers to perform various tasks by very simple syntax.It avoid lot of boiler plate which you will see in other programming languages.

There are two major versions of Python 2 and Python 3.

We will learn python 3 here, as it is currently updated version and better than python 2.

Let’s write first Python program.

print('This is first Python program')

Let’s write another program to add two numbers.

a=10 b=20 print(a+b)

Output of the program will be



Python uses indentation rather than curly braces. You can see this program to understand it bettee.
Python program to check palindrome String


Here is interactive tool to practice your first python hello world program.

print("Practice python here")

That’s all about Python hello world.

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